Travel diaries

Journey through Europe: My dream vacation

What particularly tempts me when it comes to traveling is to experience the dichotomy this world beholds.

Although a considerable number of events have been passed to dilute the beautiful memories that we spew in those five days, but i still cherish them.

The strangeness in a far off lands, trills me. I see people bustling through streets so familiar yet so strange.

The fulfillment of life-long dream can’t be explained in words. So when the day finally arrived and we packed all our belongings. Husband, two toddlers and me.

I still remembered the journey when I saw the mesmerizing snow-capped mountains of Europe from plane window. Those transient appearance of clouds and the shimmering rays of sun playing hide and seek. I just love it.

Brussels, Belgium

We kick-start our tour from Brussels, Belgium along with colors of autumn.

Colors of autumn

The rich heritage in the backdrop of autumn sky.

Grand place

When it comes to traveling within Europe, we opted for train. So from Brussels to Paris we board Thalys and what a beauty it was.

The train journey itself is very fascinating and despite of being sleep deprived for the past 20 hours, I still chose to stay awake.

And there comes the dreamy Paris.

Paris, France


Arc de Triomphe

Place du Trocadero

A brief walk from this place lead to one of the wonder of world- Eiffel Tower.

Panoramic view of the most romantic city of the world.

Took few moments to absorb this stunning cityscape.

We board hop-on-hop-off bus tour, that took us to various attractions of the city. Our next stop was The Tuileries Garden.

And there we hop onto our tour bus to our next destination.

Mont Marte

After two days in Paris, we packed our suitcases to our next destination.

Zurich, Switzerland

On the shores of Zurich lake we had a three night stay in a near hotel. The serenity of this place has no equals.

Lake Zurich

During our two days stay in Switzerland, first day was entirely dedicated to Mount Pilatus. The journey to Mount Pilatus itself is mesmerizing. From the shores of Lake Luzern to Kriens it gets our adrenaline going.

Lake LuzernThe drizzle on the gushing waves makes the view more captivating indeed.

Cruising the Lake Luzern

I can’t help myself brandishing my camera quite frequently for capturing shots.

The trip to Mount Pilatus is a famously called Golden Round trip. It starts from taking a cruise from Lake Luzern that made its way to Kriens. And from Kriens there are cogwheel trains that took the steepest journey to Mount Pilatus.

Kreins station

My eyes were fixated on the carpeted lush green landscape.

Boarding cogwheel-world steepest cogwheel train

On our way to Mount Pilatus

And the snow started to fall.

Summit of Mount Pilatus

We were more concerned about places in the close radius of Zurich, for that next day we opted for Rhine Falls.

The way to Rhine falls.Europe’s largest waterfall

And this marks the end of our trip, and with beautiful memories and huge stock of pictures we headed back to our home.

New Year

Of marriage and happiness

In retrospect, this year was a kaleidoscope of lessons.

This one year surpassed in teaching me something that my sixteen years of education didn’t teach me. This year fiendishly told me my naivety in the institution of marriage. It tainted my neat and clean theories about life, but I learned some life saving lessons also.


In marriage, silent compromises always hurt. Also one person shouldn’t obsequiously bend so low that the other person start crushing one’s dignity and self respect, which is quintessential of South Asian marriages.


Everyone started naive in this topsy turvy nuptial journey, but the problem is, people choose to remain naive in their entire life, without realizing its never “I” or “me” in marriage its always “we”.

Marriage is a different to different people. For some its like a fairy tale of happily ever after came true. For some its a total disaster. Others may find it a culmination of the former two.

But at the end of the toiling day I can safely say that marriage isn’t a bitter fruit (strings attached) and i’ll recommend everyone to hop onto this bandwagon of beautiful anomalies.

Apart from marriage, there’s another universal human dilemma.The dilemma of never being happy. A considerable time of this year—from my otherwise ennui  saturated moments—was apportioned to finding the perfect recipe of happiness.

I juxtaposed the two worlds, one—my temporary abode—where there’s always serenity prevailing and popularly known for its opulent lifestyle and the other—my ancestral land—notoriously known for gunshots, blasts, bloodbaths, political turmoil and plethora of other pith issues.

So what exactly make a privileged and unprivileged happy.

Probably one day a scavenger, on finding a stray loaf of bread is more happy than a tycoon dining at his palatial palace. Or may be a gaunt old man feels more happy in solitary trotting around the streets and being called a hipster than a blooming youth brooding sulkily in a corner of an ebullient festivity.

Real happiness secretly craved by me—if not by everyone—would be dying without regrets and openly bracing death.

Happiness like marriage is different to different people. And without our being realizing, years pass away and leave in the wake of our endeavors, a person that we never imagined to be.



A Stray Thought

b038e126ffb160af91bcbaf8bf33280fMost of our lives are spent in dreaming. That’s why the moments before the onset of reality are always very exhilarating. We are free to embellish the tapestry of our imagination. Our mind and heart are in unison to produce a landscape in front of our eyes that is charming and very desirable. The more we think the more we are drawn towards it. We go deeper in it and preclude any unwanted outcomes. But when the thing is finally unleashed-snubbing the intuition of ours, we are lost from the moment that we had cherished the most. Then we came to realize that it was just a mirage that punctured your instincts. And then instantly the past become insignificant and future bleak and the only option left is to accept the present.