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Fact Vs Fiction

Book lovers across the globe share their common love for books, but when the centuries-old debate of fact vs fiction arrives, they are still at loggerheads.

Being a voracious reader and an aspiring writer, I have no scruples in saying that fiction fascinates me more.

Over the period of time, people are drawn towards books, when confronted with the harsh realities of life and nothing can be a perfect escape than fiction. This is when the intellect trickles down to the wider masses and libraries garner earnest attention.

But fiction is trivialized mostly by regarding it as a narrative based on falsehood and pretension, in comparison to non-fiction, that is on truth and reality.

I staunchly believe that every piece of fiction speaks of writers’ experiences with reality, but with a tinge of creativity to make it more appealing for the readers. Just like non-fiction, which is factual truth conceived through a subjective lens.

In her international bestseller, _Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert_ employed literary style to captivate the readers, without which It could be a mundane read.

Saying that fiction is nothing but a pack of lies is to disparage the ingenuity of mankind. With powerful imagination, one can not only strike the right chord within the audience but can also bare the depths of truth at the same time.

For instance, Jojo Moyes in her poignant book, Me Before You, evokes empathy for the handicapped with powerful fictitious characters that make it the International phenomenon.

Dan Brown literary fiction The Lost Symbol gives a kaleidoscopic view of Washington DC along with a mesmerizing plot that glued the readers to the book.

The bottom line is we all need a tinge of fiction in our realities to make our lives more bearable.

The above post was my contribution to the Costa debate of Fact Vs Fiction.


When Reality Stinks

When physical reality is hard to digest .When world seems a jaded place with emptiness echoing everywhere. Then a brief excursion of soul from the mundane world is inevitable. It rejuvenates oneself and also gives self-actualizing experience.

Door to fantasy world

Some people are of this opinion that they are oyster of wisdom which no one can open, so they create a world of their own. They make an escape into fantasy world, which is bereft of hard and stark realities.  They take a suave route of escapist fantasy, a place where their worth is reverted.

Escapist are everywhere brooding over their cruel fate, striving to find an outlet for solace. One only needs discernible eyes to recognize them.

A celebrity stalker catching up the every move of celebs, idolizing them and endeavouring to live like them. All is done to give voice to their most innate desire which reality is failed to bestow them. Doing this gives them comfort and fulfilment.

We usually see people are glued to books, lost in the world of wisdom and oblivious of their milieu. For us they are eggheads with primitive souls. But for them, books are always there to embrace them with open arms when real-time comrades are distant and aloof.

When books become best companions

Reality sometimes shows its face in the most horrid form, forcing even a lively one to take the road of idiosyncrasy.  A painter experimenting with colours  portraying life in most exuberant form, when reality is playing a completely opposite game with him. Painting for him is a perfect refuge from the barren landscape of life.

Sometimes a ghost from past prevents people from enjoying leisure. Driven by a hidden guilt people bury themselves under the pile of work. Boss may call them best employee other call them workaholic but who knows this is perfect escape which doesn’t put their survival on stake.

Everyone has this secret notion that life has treated them unfairly and they do not belong to this world. That they are incredible freaks of nature but world is giving them a cold shoulder. Temporary exit from the mundane routine of life is fine but delving deeper into the fantasy world is not without repercussions. It mentally weak ones instinct and distorts personality. As a result one thinks himself as a misfit and lonely.

But one thing we all cannot deny that no matter what we all have to return to our basics of actuality at last. And this is where we truly belong.


Sense And Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility is one of the exhilarating novel of Jane Austen with good measure of wit and irony. It is a story of two sisters very much unlike in character and especially their behavior after they suffer the disloyalty of their loved ones. Elinor, a sage and prudent being bore all the affliction of her breakup with much forbearance.She bottled up all her emotion with fortitude in comparison with Marianne, who has an impetuous and passionate nature undergone most violent of emotions at the breach of trust by her love.

Mrs. Dashwood along with her three daughters Elinor, Marianne and Margaret (oldest to youngest) are made to quit Norland after her husband’s death because of the clever schemes of her daughter-in-law Fanny Ferrars, a proud and conceited lady. She along with her submissive husband deprives her sister-in-laws of all the help and assistance which his husband promised to his dying father at his deathbed. It was in Norland, where Elinor develops acquaintance with Edward Ferrars, brother of Fanny Ferrars. Their growing acquaintance was constant displeasure to her and she detests Elinor more than before. After leaving Norland, Dashwoods settled in a small Barton cottage. Meanwhile Marianne feelings become indulgent with handsome and wealthy John Willoughby by an unexpected incident.  Marianne depiction of her tender emotions for Willoughby and indifference for others was something that Elinor couldn’t approve of. Marianne and Willoughby open association become food for gossip at every gathering and damage the feelings of Colonel Brandon who was the secret admirer of Marianne. In the meantime Elinor sank into despair when she heard that Edward, whom she loves deeply, is going to marry cunning and selfish Lucy Steele. Elinor concealed her disappointments at the apparent loss and kept it all in her heart. Later Marianne, more intense in her emotions, receive letter of Willoughby describing his longstanding attachment with someone else and seek her forgiveness for hurting her emotions. He was to soon marry a rich lady who has fifty-thousand-pounds affixed to her.

Elinor’s “sense” and Marianne’s “sensibility” have equally worked to reveal the profound emotional life.

The books with its engaging characters like glib-talking woman Mrs. Jennings, who was of considerable help to both sisters at the time of their sufferings, and gregarious and jovial Mr. John Middleton, is an interesting read. Like all other Jane Austen novels the protagonist are civil, gallant and well-bred.

Sense and sensibility have not caught much attention of readers but of critics. Jane Austen is usually criticized for her writings lack strong feelings. In Sense and Sensibility, as to my perception, Marianne being succumbed to middle aged Colonel Brandon after splitting from Willoughby rather easily was quite astonishing. Similarly, the character of Edward who was introduced as a shy and without proper learning, became rather ambiguous at the end of novel. All, of course ends happily but still the novel is more about the quarrelsome dissimilarity and vexing relation of two sisters.

In nutshell, Sense and Sensibility is the novel of great intellectual beauty. It underlines the social satire of how wealth can make people emotional beggars and this is acclaimed to Jane Austen style of inscription. It depicts how the economic affluence can impact everyone. The story is weaved beautifully with a tinge of suspense that hooked up the readers till the very end.


Trivia Disclosure

Image    A good reader is the one who is able to see what is written between the lines. Likewise a good writer is one who allowed the readers to step into his shoes and perceive things from his point of view. But this is not the way how things always worked out. There are many books which are cleverly written and transgress the understanding of normal beings.

Honestly, whenever I read any narrative for the first time I am a bit fast. I tried to grab the crux of it and then hastily move to the end, eating out words in the pursuit of knowing the end.  Inherent ideas and aspects as visualized by the writer were usually not fathomed by my jumpy nature. I take it more as a story and do not intellectualize it. Perhaps this is how human nature is. In the end I think these words will be suffice that Reading is moral edification and should not be done for self exultation.