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Fact Vs Fiction

Book lovers across the globe share their common love for books, but when the centuries-old debate of fact vs fiction arrives, they are still at loggerheads.

Being a voracious reader and an aspiring writer, I have no scruples in saying that fiction fascinates me more.

Over the period of time, people are drawn towards books, when confronted with the harsh realities of life and nothing can be a perfect escape than fiction. This is when the intellect trickles down to the wider masses and libraries garner earnest attention.

But fiction is trivialized mostly by regarding it as a narrative based on falsehood and pretension, in comparison to non-fiction, that is on truth and reality.

I staunchly believe that every piece of fiction speaks of writers’ experiences with reality, but with a tinge of creativity to make it more appealing for the readers. Just like non-fiction, which is factual truth conceived through a subjective lens.

In her international bestseller, _Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert_ employed literary style to captivate the readers, without which It could be a mundane read.

Saying that fiction is nothing but a pack of lies is to disparage the ingenuity of mankind. With powerful imagination, one can not only strike the right chord within the audience but can also bare the depths of truth at the same time.

For instance, Jojo Moyes in her poignant book, Me Before You, evokes empathy for the handicapped with powerful fictitious characters that make it the International phenomenon.

Dan Brown literary fiction The Lost Symbol gives a kaleidoscopic view of Washington DC along with a mesmerizing plot that glued the readers to the book.

The bottom line is we all need a tinge of fiction in our realities to make our lives more bearable.

The above post was my contribution to the Costa debate of Fact Vs Fiction.

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An adieu to Bahrain

“We are leaving Bahrain”

After exasperated discussions, possible rationales, recurring opinions and indifferent responses -my husband vettoed the decision of staying. Frankly I was glad that the impeding decision is made at last.

So Bags zipped and boxes sealed. After a toil of five hours everthing that we owned from this house is crammed into cartons. And here i am bidding teary eyed farewell to a place that had been my home for more than two and half years.

Humans are complex creatures and so is my relationship with the island. Topsy turvy upon the onset and a deep attachment in the end.

This wee island has been the witness of every flux in my life. I came here heavy with my first baby and now leaving with two kids in tow.

I still remembered my apprehensions when leaving the contempary urban cityscape of Dubai and moving to this remote island. And how my perspective resurfaced while moving across the serene landscape that it offers.

It amused me what my usual retort used to be whenever I was back from vacations to home country or Dubai- its strangely peaceful here.

The tranquility that prevails in the island is a riddle itself. Sitting together with friends, we always pour our opinions what make Bahrain so peaceful from the rest of gulf countries.

Speaking of friends another factor that cemented my attachment with Bahrain was the circle of friends I made with time. What makes goodbyes so terrible is indeed the elusive human connections that we leave behind.

P.S. My awful photography is not doing justice with the beauty it owns.


The irony of Valentine’s day in the land of pure

The nation wide ban on valentine’s day is not as ridiculous as the people protesting it. Let us not demean the ban at national level-if its implemented in the wake of useless spending that has commercialize the whole thing . To  harness such the mindless binge spending then ban comes a good step indeed but let us think that way. The money that would have spent in buying a flower or a heart shape balloon is no way going to bring a smile on the face of destitute ones. 

But what actually seems ludarious is the bunch of people who are protesting it. They are embarking themselves to the epitome of hypocrisy. Yes.

Holding a playcard with hacykened phrases, these men are in reality those folks who forgot to bat an eye when a woman passes by. Who objectify them, dishonour them and harrass them. 

But see this is something that acceptable. They can do that but they cant see the two people sitting to gather or sharing flower or eating chocolate.

They are vehemtly displaying to celebrate Haya day instead of v-day but do they have haya in their eyes?

The irony doesnt ends here. The valentine day ban is followed in spirit by those spouses who proclaimed that its against our religion. So they restrictedly ban themselves from saying “love you”to their better halves. But it doesnt matter because its restricted to say this the other 364 days whatsoever.