There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Today I got an answer to a longstanding question.

When I started my quest I was accompanied by hope, will, patience and strength. These were my possessions (at least I thought so). I was deluded that I have the right mix of ingredients to onset any journey. But the most imperative possession a man could ever have is the one most overlooked. Surrounded by sanguine vibes I didn’t know when vanity overcame me. Then with each steps I took to my ultimate destination, my possessions began to dwindle. One by one I lost all of them—which were more than a weapon for me. The evanescent patience was the first one to go and hope was the last. Their defense was lousy in front of their contenders. First doubt and then fear began to haunt me. Fear annihilated my cognition.

Time robbed me of all of my assets and in the end what left of me was a husk. There begin an intriguing journey.

I grumble. I cry. I plead.

And then I become silent. Things didn’t change and time moves on. I didn’t confront more. I only prayed. I noticed a beam of light in the dark labyrinth. I only prayed.

There is light at the end of tunnel
There is light at the end of tunnel

I no longer fear. I begin to restore myself. Somewhere along the line I realized that all my weapons were variables. They are no one’s possession. At that point I searched for the Constant. I rummaged in the dark labyrinth for light. Yes that Omniscient Light, the powerful energy that invigorates all other variables. That is neither conditional nor imperishable.

Yes this constant is Allah Almighty.

Yes, He is always with a man behind a veil yet more near to him than his heart-beat. It’s more than a possession. Relation with Him is stronger than any other relation; His Light is brighter than any light, mighty than any existing structure in the world

Encountering this epiphany, I know this is where my salvation lay. Now if I take one step out of the line and I will end up in a never-ending jumbled web. Trusting the Providence, I started to move on. My possessions were restored accompanied by a divine calmness.

Today I have reached the end of the tunnel. The Light of Allah has overshadowed all the other variables. Now what in the end I got is a lesson that’ll help me all my life, and reward that is far more jubilant.

2 thoughts on “There is a light at the end of the tunnel

  1. A brilliant piece, the way you summed up the journey, your thoughts and how you reached the conclusion is remarkable. I really love reading your stuff.

    Hey, why don’t you start writing professionally? Maybe become a free lancer for a magazine or a newspaper. You could also try making money through the blog, you just have to find a way of getting some online traffic.

    PS: [Your current underwater theme is a-mazing!]

    1. That’s very kind of you Nada, actually I’m blushing. Delighted to see your feedback and thanks for reading. Writing professionally is something I secretly wished for 😀 hope time will kind enough with me in that matter. Glad you like the theme and thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate that. 🙂

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