Yes!! it is we humans

Ever heard an obnoxious monster with filthy body creating havoc everywhere.

Yes always in movies.

How many times we watch similar stuff in which ancient demons unleashed their brutality on humans. Or vampires thriving to infuse their venom in humans. Or a more dramatic one, a drug experiment on animals went wrong, leaving them with supernatural powers and vengeful towards humans. Or a more cliché one, a scientific experiment leaves an otherwise noble man to gigantic evil with regenerative powers, which turns his fury over humans. Or more scientific plot, where some extraterrestrial clans driven with diabolical purpose of subjugating world and building their own hegemony, are crazy to obliterate human race.

Movies told us how very prone we humans and our earth are to these monsters. They incessantly depict that we are in danger from bloodthirsty brutes that are keen to annihilate us. When in actuality it is not some undead fiends that are menacing but it is us.

We humans.

We are the purveyors and we are the receivers.

Every day we heard news of people being killed in suicide bombings, missile firings, drone attacks, targeted attacks et al. All are the acts of barbaric creatures in human camouflage.

Deed of one person is the death of other.

So apparently we have left no room for any monster from celestial world to do further damage.

The killing of innocent civilians in violence in Gaza Strip shows how thirsty our soul is for bloodshed. Soul; which is bereft of any speck of humanity. Surely there is no bloodsucking monster to blame for.

And then it is we humans who voyeur on the sufferings of other human beings. Sometime by sitting as silent spectator and sometimes by uttering cold words punctuated by hateful sentiments.

We know whether it is demon with nasty jaws or werewolf with sharp claws, all are devoid of wisdom and emotions.  But the irony is that drone attacks in Pakistan are not the work of some extraterrestrial clans but by world most civilized nation.

Yes it is we humans. No alien, no vampire no zombies whatsoever.

Surely we need not any Avengers initiative to fight these adversities but we only need a Peace initiative.

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