The Battle Inside…

“Inside every man is a struggle between good and evil that cannot be resolved.” – Homer Simpson

I do not follow conventions. I have no scruples in saying that I like the company of social outcasts (a synthetic term conferred by our society to a loner by choice) and search humanity in them.  I believe that the best side of people is often hidden from us.

Good and evil are two facets of a person. A wise man is clever enough to highlight its good side, battling out the evil into stupor. The evil residing within is never powered to outdo good. But the scenario of fool is quite opposite. Evil is always the boss leaving morality in the distant corner. Blessed are those who are exposed to situations that strengthen their good side, but hapless are evil ones who are confronted with life so often that it damage their beautiful side.

My quest to struggle out evil is the battle of mind and body. Nobody knows that behind the façade of serenity I am fighting a battle inside.  With my conscience.

For instance, many things going around me that I cannot approve, things that make my inside filled with ire, but from inside there came a voice of my conscience “never lose yourself”. I sometimes hate that voice.

How many times I wish I had a dormant conscience. Sometimes I want to put in a jar and throw it in the river of obscurity. Harking back and I see that depending too much on my conscience had made me a tad over-cautious (or coward).

My conscience told me many things.

  1. Pretending is something in which you are not good at, so keep your nose out of it.
  2. Never focus on outcomes, focus on steps.
  3. Don’t think highly of yourself; mediocrity is meant for you.
  4. Steer clear the stuff that tempt you most, it will strengthen your will power.
  5. Never fantasize over future prospects, whenever you did you failed.

For some conscience is an extinct thing. They are occupied with this notion it is something that only inhibits primitive souls. We certainly live in an oxymoronic world, where religion is swapped with conscience. For me the more you are close to religion, the clearer your conscience is.

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