When Reality Stinks

When physical reality is hard to digest .When world seems a jaded place with emptiness echoing everywhere. Then a brief excursion of soul from the mundane world is inevitable. It rejuvenates oneself and also gives self-actualizing experience.

Door to fantasy world

Some people are of this opinion that they are oyster of wisdom which no one can open, so they create a world of their own. They make an escape into fantasy world, which is bereft of hard and stark realities.  They take a suave route of escapist fantasy, a place where their worth is reverted.

Escapist are everywhere brooding over their cruel fate, striving to find an outlet for solace. One only needs discernible eyes to recognize them.

A celebrity stalker catching up the every move of celebs, idolizing them and endeavouring to live like them. All is done to give voice to their most innate desire which reality is failed to bestow them. Doing this gives them comfort and fulfilment.

We usually see people are glued to books, lost in the world of wisdom and oblivious of their milieu. For us they are eggheads with primitive souls. But for them, books are always there to embrace them with open arms when real-time comrades are distant and aloof.

When books become best companions

Reality sometimes shows its face in the most horrid form, forcing even a lively one to take the road of idiosyncrasy.  A painter experimenting with colours  portraying life in most exuberant form, when reality is playing a completely opposite game with him. Painting for him is a perfect refuge from the barren landscape of life.

Sometimes a ghost from past prevents people from enjoying leisure. Driven by a hidden guilt people bury themselves under the pile of work. Boss may call them best employee other call them workaholic but who knows this is perfect escape which doesn’t put their survival on stake.

Everyone has this secret notion that life has treated them unfairly and they do not belong to this world. That they are incredible freaks of nature but world is giving them a cold shoulder. Temporary exit from the mundane routine of life is fine but delving deeper into the fantasy world is not without repercussions. It mentally weak ones instinct and distorts personality. As a result one thinks himself as a misfit and lonely.

But one thing we all cannot deny that no matter what we all have to return to our basics of actuality at last. And this is where we truly belong.

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