Beauty Of Hope

Hope-In a topsy-turvy path of life

Just when I have vowed to contend myself with whatever shape my life takes, and accept the things in the way they are, there suddenly amidst the heap of glumness comes out from nowhere a beam of hope. It allows me to re-dream. It beckons me to start the journey of optimism all over again. Slowly it sheds my apprehensions and encourages me to live life with new angle. It revives my old philosophy that even in gloomiest day someone will pull out an unknown rabbit out of an obscure hat at the last minute, to put things in right order.

Hope has got wings so it seldom remains intact and is so often disguised into oblivion. So this sanguine sensation gradually washes away succeeded by a layer of disappointments which in the end take the form of pessimism.

Life sometime seems like solving the jigsaw puzzle and how many times I actually failed to solve this puzzle I don’t know myself.

Expectations never met, desires never realized and dreams never wore the dress of reality, but all have lessons in them .And these will keep repeating itself until the ultimate lesson is learned. They give us the strength to come out of the muddle of longings and fly in the air of tranquility with no burden of desires, wishes and cravings just free from everything.

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