Anatomy of Friendship

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Some are squat, some tall, some fleshy and some are skinny. Of course friendship has nothing to do with their appearance but it’s their persona that counts and their company that makes our days magical.

Friends that are most difficult to deal with are introverts. And when opposite of its kind are struck with each other it sometimes creates fatal combination. Here the theory opposite attracts fails. Be wary of them, they may burst.

Then there are some who are always ignored and you often gave them brush off, until they make their way into another group and then wash your dirty linen in public. The most dangerous and risky.

Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with obdurate friends, and most time is spent in contemplating them. Good-natured but not easy-going. Seeking their approval in every matter is eminent as they mind petty things, but their worth is proved in hard times. Their unflinching support is worth for anything.

Perhaps the most lauded and coveted are those to whom you have an intellectual bond. They have readymade solution to your woes. Support you in good matters and warn you in bad. They are a source of your mental development and spiritual growth. But they are elusive since they are mostly labelled as pretentious by others.

Then there are friends for all seasons, who are your long standing pals (though others called them cronies).Their companionship is most striking as they back you up in every virtuous and vile matter. Together they rise together they fall, yet most devoted of all. (No prize for guessing who they are).

Fair-weather friends stick with you in golden days, clogged your inboxes with best friends quotes and all the time bluff their sincerity. But their attitude is soured the moment things are turning against us.

No matter if your friend is crazy or crafty always remember, dichotomies in friendship are very profound as they create enriching experiences.

4 thoughts on “Anatomy of Friendship

  1. Nice effort and i agree what you said about friendship.Adding to this that ”peoples are not poor who do not have wealth, but those who do not have friends”.
    Keep it up RABBO !

  2. Very interesting writeup! And true also! Friends do come in all shapes and sizes but they are the ones who add color to our lives!! Cant imagine my life without my freinds!!!

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