Trivia Disclosure

Image    A good reader is the one who is able to see what is written between the lines. Likewise a good writer is one who allowed the readers to step into his shoes and perceive things from his point of view. But this is not the way how things always worked out. There are many books which are cleverly written and transgress the understanding of normal beings.

Honestly, whenever I read any narrative for the first time I am a bit fast. I tried to grab the crux of it and then hastily move to the end, eating out words in the pursuit of knowing the end.  Inherent ideas and aspects as visualized by the writer were usually not fathomed by my jumpy nature. I take it more as a story and do not intellectualize it. Perhaps this is how human nature is. In the end I think these words will be suffice that Reading is moral edification and should not be done for self exultation.

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